as a part of the Travel Unity alliance, Voyager HQ supports increasing diversity in the world of travel.

To this end, Travel Unity has teamed up with Citizen Schools to introduce middle school students in Harlem to the opportunities that exist within the travel industry. The commitment starts with a two-hour training in late August and continues with 10 weeks of teaching from October to December.

As a volunteer Citizen Teacher, you will lead/co-lead a 10-week apprenticeship program in East Harlem to help develop students' 21st century job skills through the prism of travel. Trainings start in late August and teaching sessions end in December.

We understand that you might have conflicts, so don't let a date or two stop you from reaching out.

It’s no exaggeration that having good role models can change the trajectory of a child's life. Through the 10 weeks, you will work alongside a Teaching Fellow to educate young people about the endless opportunities that exist within our rapidly changing global economy.

Travel Unity will support you throughout the way, working with you to help make a real difference in these children's lives. Your participation will help increase their self-awareness, enhance their world perspective, and foster their independence.
Imagine the lasting impact you could have on these young lives!

Click image to download flyer

Click image to download flyer