360Stories is a platform for remarkable traveling experiences in VR and AR. By capturing 360-degree footage of the most amazing cities on earth, and augmenting that content with real stories sourced from local communities, we are building an unmatched database of quality stories about historic and touristic destinations.



Airfordable is payment plans for your airline tickets. Secure your tickets with a deposit upfront and pay the remaining balance in bi-weekly recurring payments before your departure date.


around the world beauty

Around the World Beauty reveals beauty rituals and traditions that are practiced by women all over the globe. Our mission is to inspire women to reconnect with their ancestral beauty path. Ancient old beauty remedies passed down from generations, that celebrate the beauty of women in all different cultures.



Babbler was founded in 2013 as a result of a simple observation: internet has transformed the way reporters work, source, and cover stories but PR pros have not adapted yet.

This mismatch led Sarah Azan and Hannah Oiknine to create the vision of the media community management and to develop Babbler’s platform to support it. With our powerful, easy to use, set of features, businesses can attract, engage, and delight writers by delivering PR content and experiences that are relevant, helpful, and personalized. Babbler is, after all, on a mission to make the PR and Media worlds more connected than ever.



Restaurants, food delivery, transport, shows & events, tours & activities, housekeeping: Bellhop allows you to access and book all the services you need, from anywhere in the world.



At Bookbuses.com it has never been easier to book a rental bus. Use the search box to access search, pricing, and booking instantly to rent buses. Bookbuses.com helps event planners and professional organizers source charter buses, no matter the location in the country. Comfortably browse your quotes and pick the offer that you find the best.




Bringit is the coolest travel app that allows you to arrive or depart the airport Hands-Free. We deliver your luggage within 4hr using our latest technology.



A city concierge providing 24/7 access to local City Insiders, who help travelers answer questions, find things, and break down the language barrier.



A neighborhood newsletter for New Yorkers to explore like New Yawkers 🔥
There are over 300 neighborhoods in NYC. Thrillist doesn't even begin to cover all of them, but we will:)

Newsletters curated by New Yawkers with their favorite things to eat, drink, shop and see in each neighborhood.



Cooperatize is a micro-influencer CRM solution for your brand or agency. Our solution lets you easily and safely get authentic, quality content, find influencers, and measure success and ROI.
Don't have an influencer strategy yet? Our team works with you to define the goals for a successful influencer campaign.


Curious on Tanzania

We are proud Tanzanians working together and are committed to leading and creating comprehensive, thematic travel experiences that make a positive, sustained difference to destinations and local people throughout Tanzania. We call this experiential travel – travel that goes deeper into the lives of those whom we visit, and creates lasting relationships and true cultural exchange.



dipp is your personal travel guide. With a gallery of trending travels inspired by your social media networks and an itinerary planner, it takes care of all your travel needs in one app.



Your Passions + Our Connections
A New Way to Travel

We are a members-only travel service creating trips that are seamless, memorable, and uniquely your own.



OpenAirplane makes it easy to find, book, fly, and pay for aircraft rental online or with a mobile device. We'll help Operators get better utilization of their fleets, and help Pilots fly more.

The OpenAirplane Universal Pilot Checkout allows FBOs around the country to easily verify a Pilot's qualifications and training in each make and model aircraft. Pilots gain access to planes around the U.S. without the usual hassle and expense.

OpenAirplane offers a better way to make rental fleets more profitable. Our reputation system brings transparency to both sides of the transaction, which we hope is an incentive for everyone to fly their best.



FoodieTrip’s platform facilitates connections between travelers and local food experts for the highest quality culinary experiences all around the world. The hundreds of international food guides on FoodieTrip create and take full responsibility for the culinary tours they offer.



We believe in sustainable tourism and authentic travelling.

Fromigo is a marketplace of curated experiences, made by real local people. We connect travellers - like you - to incredible locals, who love sharing their interests and passions. Your tourism money supports real local people and their community.

Don't just stay in a city, experience its culture with Fromigo.



Goodwings is set in the world with a clear mission: We will transform the travel industry and make a positive difference to the world we live in. We love traveling as well as working towards a sustainable future. With Goodwings, we combine our two passions and makes it easy for you to do the same.

Therefore, we have teamed up with a number of organizations, our NGO partners, each of which supports one or more of the UN's 17 goals for the sustainable development of the world community. When you book your travel through Good Wings, you support the work of NGOs - without it costing you extra.


Go! Girl Guides

Go! Girl Guides publishes the world’s first series of travel guidebooks written exclusively by female travelers, for female travelers.

We aim to offer women a comprehensive look at world travel within the guise of three topics: safety, affordability and fun. We want you to get up, get out and start traveling.. and then have resources geared specifically towards you to keep you out on the road.


GTTFP Holdings

GTTFP Holdings, is a privately held portfolio of brands, focused on forward-thinking solutions, within the travel industry. 



Design your tailor-made trip with a true local.

Together we figure out the best trip plan ever so you save money, hassle and time!


gypsy circle

GYPSY CIRCLE is a safe, closed, social, travel network with free international messaging. Glance through friends trips, get recommendations, give your own. Input a trip and see who has overlapping dates and friends currently living there. Friends know your travel dates and you’ll be notified when they are visiting your city or overlap one of your trips.



At Hitlist we have one mission: to help you travel more for less. Our intelligent filters help you find trips that suit your time, destination preferences and budget. We want to help people connect face to face and in doing so hope to build a friendlier world.



Stop being a tourist, become a traveler

Based on your personality, get personalized holidays packages with unique experiences from the most creative travel experts.



HOST is re-imagining the traditional pedicab for the 21st century by providing urban dwellers a quick, affordable way to move locally through cities.



Why book a hotel for the day? Day booking hotels can provide you the opportunity to take a daycation, relax at a hotel, recharge with a quick sleep, be productive using wifi and much more! Day stay hotels can provide flexibility: hotel day rates are 60% cheaper that night rates, making booking a day room very smart. Day rooms will make our collection of daytime hotels beneficial to the guest. Our Day-use, micro-stay hotels in NYC, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles & London provide the opportunity for same day check in & check out, making your daystay easier. What reasons would you use short stay hotels? At Hotels By Day we have some of leisure and business travel best recharge day hotels.


Hydra art project

Based in NYC, HYDRA Art Project Inc. is an art management company whose mission is to support contemporary artists and writers; to organize art events and manage art-related projects and programs. HYDRA Art Project works with talents around the world to foster critical thinking across different countries and perspectives, to nurture and promote innovation in the rapidly shifting world of the 21st century.



ICM Hub provides an AI solution using natural language to automate customer service for airlines. For airline travelers with questions, ICM Hub’s conversational agent walks them through processes, gives them the information they need, and helps them resolve questions about their trip via a text-based chat. During the conversations, it tracks and stores customer data to learn more about users, provide advice based on their unique situation, help them take action and even book add-ons to their itinerary.



Fly private for business class price

Private jet operators have to reposition aircraft to the next customer. Since the flight is partially or fully paid by the next customer, operators usually give big discounts for such flights. We get the information about such flights from the market and sell them per-seat, making the price even lower for each passenger



Journy is a new way to travel. We create tailor-made travel plans with recommendations from top chefs, sommeliers, and local experts. We understand your unique travel preferences, and give you the inside scoop on what to do and where to go. And yes, we make reservations for you too.



Using luggage lockers for your luggage is both expensive and inconvenient. From now on you can book your luggage storage from among more than 100 locations in Copenhagen and London and always be certain you have space. And best of all it’s risk-free. We don’t charge you if don’t show up.


Make it social

We have one clear mission: To make the world a truly social place. Whilst today’s online world means we have never been so well connected, it’s still as difficult as ever to get together with your friends and enjoy the real physical offline world.

We’re living in the era of the antisocial social network. Through our innovative and reliable technology we will make it easier for people to do more with more of their friends.



Whether you are traveling for work, leaving town for a much-needed vacation, or moving to another city, our mission remains the same: We help you make money by renting out your apartment, so you can travel with peace of mind.  

MetroButler eliminates all the logistical burdens of short-term renting by providing services customized to your home. Our professionals have years of experience in hospitality management, so your home, property, and guests are always in the best hands.



A new communication and branding agency spreading the word about wine and a certain lifestyle, because everyone wants to hear about desirable treats that will make their days brighter! Services include: Brand Audit, Strategic Plan, Public Relations, Social Media, Events, Visual Content



MobyTrip is a free trip planner that automatically schedules your trip as you plan it, with real time group planning and integrations from all the sources you already use.

Our algorithms show you the best things to do, and take care of organizing the schedule. Just select a city and your interests, and you’ll get a great trip itinerary! You can add or remove things to do, restaurants, hotels, tours and flights from our database that covers the whole world.



Producing events and content geared towards lending value and opportunity to the travel tech ecosystem.


Museum hack

Museum Tours...For People Who Don't Like Museums

Our expertise is in leading private adventures at amazing Museums. The most popular comment from our customers is, “I’ve never had so much fun in a Museum!”

In addition to our museum tours, we provide premium consulting services to startups, museums, luxury hotels, corporations, and universities.



Noken curates and plans international travel experiences, from end-to-end. Our crafted trips free you from hours spent planning, researching, and organizing so that you can stress (way) less and explore (way) more.


Nomad lane

Nomad Lane was founded with a bold spirit and a lofty goal: to offer premium travel accessories at a revolutionary price so you can look forward to the journey ahead. Our products are stylish, multi-purpose, well made and thoughtfully designed. Most importantly, they don’t cost more than a plane ticket. 



Par is a mobile app that allows users to buy and sell airline miles from other users to book flights. Our goal is to connect people with excess airline miles to people who are looking for cheap flight options for their next trip.



Savvi provides a mobile platform for travelers and businesses to share travel tips and local information.



The all-in-one reservation, seating& guest management platform. 

From international hotel portfolios to independent restaurants and nightclubs, we help hospitality companies of all sizes create and cultivate direct relationships with their guests.



ShermansTravel Media is a leading publisher of top travel deals and vacation destination advice.

Founded by James Sherman in 2002, ShermansTravel Media has built a loyal audience among travelers who share a passion for the best travel deals on flights, hotels, vacation packages and cruises.



A smarter way to book hotels for your group.

We've simplified and streamlined the booking process, making it easier for you to book rooms at the right hotels with the best rates.



SkyHi makes it easy for you to claim seats on flights all over the world for one low monthly price. Get ready to travel to all your must-see destinations more easily than ever before.



Places You’ll Love by People You Know

Easily search and share amazing places with friends from social media. Make your travels noteworthy!



Save big over other travel sites.

We split your stay into multiple reservations for the same hotel to get you the lowest rates.


Stay wanderful

Stay Wanderful brings you instant rewards you actually want.
No more waiting to accumulate points - just book on one of our hotel partner's websites and get real rewards you can use right away such as exclusive discounts, free flight credits, free dining credits, & free transportation.



TheVane is the place to shop for all your travel needs. We take the stress out of packing for your next trip with our smart packing technology by generating a pack list based on your activities, weather, and duration of your next trip. TheVane will always make sure you will be prepared for all your adventures, big or small!



Travelade helps users discover travel inspiration and collect ideas to their personal Wanderlist - everything from free tips from curated travel blogs to guided experiences with trusted locals, bookable directly on Travelade.



An award-winning travel blog, our community seeks adventure, culture, motivation and lifestyle. Explore our site before you explore the world -- find tips on taking the trip you’ve always desired or take the leap as an entrepreneur.



Travendly is a young professional group travel company providing trips where the participants all live in the same city.



Discover where your network has been based on the experience you want.

Inspired by a specific friend, influencer, celebrity or publication? Capture all their travel posts and recommendations in one place. 



Are you itching to explore?  Travel the world?  Hop in a caravan and drive cross country?  Meet fun travel companions to take on a journey to the most desired places one can only imagine?  If so, TWIP is what you need!



Is the extra baggage weighing you down? Find a Vertoe Location and Book Online. Store Your Bags and Off You Go!

Vertoe will help you find the most convenient location nearby to safely store your bags, so you can enjoy the city hassle free! It's super easy! Try it out!



ViaHero is a new way to plan travel. ViaHero connects you with local experts–Heroes–who will plan a completely unique trip for you. They use your preferences and specific trip needs to create a rich, fully personalized travel guidebook that runs in an app on your iOS or Android phone—online or offline—everywhere you go. In addition to itinerary recommendations, the Heroes assist with things like booking research, arranging transportation, making restaurant reservations, and building custom maps for offline navigation on mobile.



Wanderu is the simplest way to find and book bus and train travel across North America. Now you can book the best deals on the go with the official Wanderu app, featured as "Best New App" by the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Compare and book trips, view your past reservations, and save your favorite frequently searched trips all from the app. See why TIME Magazine named Wanderu a "Favorite New App."



Leave your left over change with local collectors and get its value on your mobile phone! WorldKoins converts leftover change to eGift cards and vouchers to use and shop online right from your mobile phone.



The Professional Work and Travel Platform

An exclusive pass to Co_Travel, Co_Live and Co_Work in the world's most dynamic
cities, one month at a time. We are the global community of  remote professionals.