the hub for travel startups

Voyager HQ is the space where travel innovators go to get things done. It's a collaborative, community-driven environment in the heart of New York City focused on the acceleration of the travel industry.


Community, Not Just Co-Working

Our philosophy is that although co-working space may be a great asset for an early-stage company, it does not drive conversation or collaboration. At Voyager, we spur interaction in interactive ways, through a unique sense of ownership of the space.

Curating the Doers, Not Just Visionaries

If you feel like you are a leader in the community at Voyager HQ, its because you are. Our members shape the future of the coworking space just as much as the team, and just as much as they shape the future of the travel industry.


Partnerships, Not Just Happy Hours

Our members receive invitations to exclusive roundtable discussions, pitch events, working breakfasts, and ... well, happy hours. 

In the Heart of New York City

We are located in Flatiron, the center of tech innovation in Manhattan. What better place is there to meet people and get things done?