WHAT YOU GET (once you get in)

Select the membership level that makes sense for you and your team. Are you a digital nomad who needs a meeting space from time to time, a team of 12 who needs a home base, or even a Series C founder who is looking for the right key investor?

Voyager HQ has something to offer travel innovators at all stages of their growth.


Digital Club Membership

  • Connect with investors and corporate partners
  • 3 days at the Voyager Clubhouse NYC coworking space every 3 months
  • Invites to exclusive travel industry events
  • Voyager industry insider newsletter
  • Postings on the Voyager Job Board

Flex Clubhouse Membership

Travel founders travel. That makes sense! Get your pass for the pace that you need the Clubhouse. 

  • All Digital Membership benefits
  • Shared desk in the Voyager Clubhouse NYC coworking space
  • Voyager HQ community events and support
  • 1 hour of private meeting room space per visit
  • Office amenities including coffee and printing

DEDICATED Clubhouse Membership

  • All Flex Clubhouse Membership benefits
  • Dedicated desk in the Voyager Clubhouse NYC coworking space
  • Physical mailing address and storage options available
  • Up to 12 hours of private meeting rooms per month
  • 24 hour building and office access available
  • Voyager promotional and partnership opportunities
  • First access to investor and corporate partners

Private Offices

  • All Clubhouse Membership benefits
  • Dedicated Private Office in the Voyager Clubhouse NYC
  • For teams ranging in size from 3-12 members
  • Setup and decor is customizable