We leverage our team of experienced VC Backed founders to coach startups towards greater traction and fundraising success with better terms, stronger product market fit, and higher valuations -- we dramatically increase the likelihood of early-stage startup success.


  • We engage with startups, accelerator cohorts, and VC portfolios to align their participants with growth-stage investor expectations.
  • Clients accelerate by leveraging our coaching to improve their fundraising pitch deck, product roadmap, and growth narrative.
  • We help startup founders align product traction with investor expectations.
  • Our VC partner community looks to us for:
    • Delivering qualified deal flow.
    • Portfolio support for high-touch 2nd quartile portfolios companies.
    • Curated investor community to provide first-look feedback on closed-round deals.


Harlan Milkove, Principal Strategy Consultant

Harlan is a product-minded software engineer and veteran startup founder. He has led initiatives across several ventures to launch flagship products via individual contribution and by forming high caliber teams.

His most notable venture, Reonomy, has secured $40MM in funding and continues to expand its research platform for commercial real estate lenders, brokers, and investors. Harlan has also been a founding engineer of companies in the blockchain, IoT, and on-demand labor verticals.

Harlan has expertise as a full-stack web application developer, and data engineer. He is also a student of the Design Thinking and Lean Startup product development paradigms. Harlan graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Morgan Cooper, Principal Engineer and Interim CTO

Morgan is a fullstack software engineer and former startup founder with experience launching data-driven products. He was previously the founding engineer at HireCanvas where he led product and software development efforts to take his team from vision to an acquisition in just one year.

Morgan is a passionate, result-oriented, problem solver who enjoys finding simple solutions to complex challenges. He is a lifelong student that learns as much from his team as he teaches them through his mentorship and strong leadership.

His expertise is rooted in maturing prototypical products to market scale with distributed data-driven systems that support elegant user experiences. Morgan holds an M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the  University at Buffalo.