The Voyager HQ team has a lot to do, and we’re ready to bring new folks onboard and show you how we’re making it all happen.

As our startup (supporting other startups) is scaling up our offerings and communications, we’re seeking an Intern / Guru / Team Member / Rockstar to come kick ass and take names. You’ll be working alongside a passionate, experienced team developing a new startup club model and community focused on the travel, leisure and hospitality industry. Put THAT on your resume!

If you haven’t heard of us, Voyager HQ is the club for travel innovators connect startup founders, corporate partners, and investors in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. Voyager HQ provides meaningful connections with the best and brightest in travel tech through the Voyager Clubhouse, our coworking and event space in NYC, along with shared resources and knowledge that the community brings together.

Are you passionate about travel, startups, community, and being a part of something new and exciting? If yes, then you should apply. Don’t let this ship sail, because we’re moving quickly.

You will be in the space working closely with every department and learning a ton about growing a small company in the process.

Projects and Learning Objectives:

  • Perform Outbound digital member marketing
    • Email marketing, content creation, social media, communications strategy, analytics, business development
  • Planning, promotion and execution of social member events
    • Event planning, event marketing, community engagement, operations/logistics
  • Execute survey distribution and feedback analysis
    • Reporting, email marketing, analytics, public relations, content creation
  • Create and implement member onboarding and offboarding procedure
    • Project management, operations, customer relations, community management
  • Organize membership leads and desk leads database
    • Business development, research, data management
  • Coordinate onsite room rental operations
    • Customer relations, operations, event planning
  • Create “Startups to know” template
    • Content creation, data collection, marketing
  • Slack Community Engagement
    • Content creation, communications strategy, community engagement, public relations