The Mission

Empower startups to create the future of travel by connecting them with investors, corporate partners, and each other.





We are curating a community of the movers and shakers in the travel industry. Not just anyone gets accepted. If you are the founder of a travel startup or making waves in a travel institution, you should apply to become a Voyager.


The Voyager club member enjoys access to an ever-growing, exclusive knowledge base and set of resources. Some benefits include exclusive access to partner roundtables, personal investor intros, listing capability on our Travel Job Board, an insider newsletter, and more.


Voyagers receive invitations to startup, investor, and partner meetings. These opportunities are curated to ensure that the conversations are trustworthy, meaningful and actionable.


WHAT YOU GET (once you get in)

Select the membership level that makes sense for you and your team. Are you a digital nomad who needs a meeting space from time to time, a team of 12 who needs a home base, or even a Series C founder who is looking for the right key investor?

Voyager HQ has something to offer travel innovators at all stages of their growth.


Digital Club Membership

  • Connect with investors and corporate partners

  • 3 days at the Voyager Clubhouse NYC coworking space every 3 months

  • Invites to exclusive travel industry events

  • Voyager industry insider newsletter

  • Postings on the Voyager Job Board

Flex Clubhouse Membership

Travel founders travel. That makes sense! Get your pass for the pace that you need the Clubhouse. 

  • All Digital Membership benefits

  • Shared desk in the Voyager Clubhouse NYC coworking space

  • Voyager HQ community events and support

  • 1 hour of private meeting room space per visit

  • Office amenities including coffee and printing

DEDICATED Clubhouse Membership

  • All Flex Clubhouse Membership benefits

  • Dedicated desk in the Voyager Clubhouse NYC coworking space

  • Physical mailing address and storage options available

  • Up to 12 hours of private meeting rooms per month

  • 24 hour building and office access available

  • Voyager promotional and partnership opportunities

  • First access to investor and corporate partners

Private Offices

  • All Clubhouse Membership benefits

  • Dedicated Private Office in the Voyager Clubhouse NYC

  • For teams ranging in size from 3-12 members

  • Setup and decor is customizable


Our members CREATE the future of travel experiences.





Mentors and Investors

take a look at what our members and partners have to say

Roger Wu

Roger Wu, Co-Founder of Cooperatize

"Working at Voyager is great as it lets us mingle with like-minded companies serving many of the same customers. By having all of the travel startups in one place, we are able to share contacts, elevate our industry conversation, and provide feedback quickly, easily, and most importantly, in person."

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Yannis Moati

Yannis Moati, Founder & CEO of HotelsByDay

"I view Voyager HQ as a God-send ... Thanks to them, I have met, & worked with, all levels of professionals: from start-level marketing staff, to the latest board advisor, as well as a potential partner who I first met at VHQ."

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Rama Poola

Rama Poola, Founder of SkyHi

"As a first time travel startup founder, I've learned that the travel industry has it's unique set of challenges. With such a robust network and so much insider knowledge, Voyager has made it much easier to get my product to market."

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Matthew Lerner

Matthew Lerner, CEO of MetroButler

"Whether it's an organized breakfast with investors, happy hours with compatible partner companies, or their active Slack channel, Voyager HQ's services are helpful to entrepreneurs who consume content in different ways."

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Chubi Nwagbara

Chubi Nwagbara, Founder of TheVane/Emadri

"We really enjoy working at Voyager HQ. We are meeting other travel startups, networking, discussing partnership opportunities, and being introduced to large travel companies that we can potentially work with."

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Nick Gray

Nick Gray, CEO of Museum Hack

"Voyager HQ has allowed us to keep building our fun culture, invest in our people, and recharge our team."

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Payam Safa

Payam Safa, Founder of Bellhop

"Voyager is the ideal community for entrepreneurs in the travel industry! With weekly happy hours, Founders' Breakfasts, Pitch Sessions, and other curated events, there's no better place to have your business take off!"

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Alex Grosvenor

Alex Grosvenor, Co-Founder of Savvi

"Voyager is an exciting, innovative and inviting space for any stage of travel startup. It's one of those utopian-like startup communities where you get out everything and more that you put in."

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